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Katherine Bozec is in the employee spotlight at Blue Inc. She has shown great leadership skills, leading from the front, helping a fellow co-worker get promoted to Assistant Management on Monday. Her hard work is paying off, which is exactly why she gets to share her story this week.

What attracted you to our company?
“The opportunity for growth! I attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with an Art Education Degree.” She struggled to find a position right out of college and chose to get some business experience under her belt. She feels that experience will open up many doors for her future.

What is a funny/Interesting fact about you?
“It may not initially seem like it, but “I love metal music.”

What is one important thing you have learned since your start at Blue?
“I have learned that growth and development is never ending, even outside the classroom.”

If you had a super power, what would it be?
“I would want the ability to slow down time. Then I could achieve everything I wanted to on my own accord.”

What motivates you?
“Being a part of something great and having a little piece of a bigger picture.”

What is your favorite movie quote?
“Many people have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”-Helen Keller

Employee Spotlight!

This week our employee spot light is on Matt Robin!

Matt was selected by his peers as the “MVP” in the office this week. While in college he played division one baseball at Ohio University, so he is no stranger to being an asset to the team!

When Matt started working with us, he originally was looking to gain entry level experience in the business world. After a few weeks, he realized he could build his career faster than anticipated.  On a daily basis, Matt feels that he is developing both personally and professionally through his coaching here at Blue. 

Matt says that his favorite part about being part of our team is “the fun, positive environment that we create in the office.  It allows people to be themselves while still staying professional.”

Employee Spotlight: Blue Inc Schaumburg Employees talk about Blue!

Blue Inc asked some of its employees to talk about their experiences here and this is what they found out:

Cori T.,a top Account Manager at Blue says that what he likes the most about working at Blue is that “I have the opportunity to be around cool people, who are motivated to succeed in life.  I also like the fact that I get the chance to travel to different areas around the United States.”  He says that Blue Inc gives him the opportunity to produce and develop other people’s skills as well.  Another Account Manager, David S. says that Blue “provides me the opportunity to develop my skills and help me reach my goal to obtain a position in management.”  David also says he enjoys the fun and positive environment that Blue Inc has and it is the thing he likes the most about working for the company.

Thanks Cori and David for letting us know what you think!



Tiffany is a communications student from Aurora University and she’s new to our admin family. She believes growth in the company is based on merit and not seniority. Tiffany loves adrenaline and wants to be a professional skydiver. Blue taught her to step out of her comfort zone and start conversations on the drop of a dime. 

We asked her if she could possess a superpower, what it would be. She said she would love to fly! She loves the sky and the feeling of having wind gushing through her hair. Tiffany is motivated to be the best she can be at everything so that she can make her family happy and and so that she can accomplish her dreams. 

"Live life to the fullest, because you only have one!"



Dany graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon with a degree in communications and media studies. He was drawn to Blue because of Wrinardo’s (President at Blue) smile. Blue has a lot of happy and excited employees and the environment at Blue is always upbeat. 

Dany loves horse polo and loves that Blue is completely sports oriented. Since working at Blue, he learned that patience is a virtue. We asked Dany if he could possess any super power, he would control your mind. Dany is motivated by positive and fun loving people.  

HIs favorite quote is “The corruption of the best is the worst” 



The employee of the week is Matt! Matt is from Ohio University and graduated with a sports management degree,which brought him into Blue, a sports oriented company. At Blue, we love motivated people who can run a team, and have fun at the same time. Matt played college baseball and since at Blue, he thinks it’s extremely important to help others because that is how you learn and gain new experiences. 

We asked Matt if he could have a superpower, he would be able to fly so that he could travel wherever at any point in time.  

Matt believes life is short and you shouldn’t take anything for granted. He is grateful for the privilege to wake up everyday and get better at whatever he is set out to do. He believes you should take advantage of every opportunity and to not give up until you’ve reached your goals. 

"Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something in life." 

Abel Franco

This week, the employee spotlight is on Abel Franco! He has been voted by his peers as what a motivational and inspiring leader should be. Abel truly brings the energy to the workplace and enjoys the comfortable and uplifting essence of Blue. Abel was inspired by the opportunities and freedom seen here. Blue is a great place to advance your future without the dull office atmosphere.  Abel always has something to talk about to liven the mood and did we mention he’s a great hairdresser? One thing he’s learned at Blue is recreation and the chance for personal growth and entrepreneurship.

We asked him if he could possess any superpower, what would it be. He said he would love to be invisible, and then other superheroes wouldn’t see him. Abel is motivated by freedom to spend time with his family and friends and to travel and learn new things. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have left to succeed.”

Thanks Abel for sharing your goals with us and we look forward to your success here at Blue.

Stay tuned for the next Employee Spotlight!

This week’s Employee Spotlight is Tom Zinschlag.  Tom has been voted by his peers as a true leader here at Blue and we are going to get to know him a little better.  He studied at UNL and got a degree in Sociology and Psychology, as well as a Master’s in Sociology from Roosevelt University.  Tom worked for five years in the Mental Health field before finding his way to Blue, looking for a place that offered more growth and advancement.  He says that the most important thing he has learned since his start here is patience.  “The training program at Blue promotes personal development and it’s something I try working on in my personal life as well.” 

On a lighter note, I asked Tom if he could have any super power at all, what would it be and why and his response was pretty good:  “Super human strength!  Like the Hulk.  I always liked the Hulk’s character as a kid because he was a scientist that pushed the boundaries of science so far that he turned into a super hero. “

Thanks Tom for letting us get to know you better!

Until next time..

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