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This week, we are going to get to know Julio Cortez.  He has been voted by his peers as being an exceptional example of what a leader is.  He was drawn to Blue by the fun work environment and the opportunity for growth.  A Depaul alum, he studied Business Entrepreneurship and has learned a lot since his start at Blue.  The biggest thing he as learned is “creating relationships is really important in this company, and I’m learning how to be really great at it and open up.”  Julio is a hard worker and has the ultimate motivation- his daughter Janelle, and with the help of our supportive management team, they will help Julio succeed and reach his goals.  

Thanks Julio for letting us get to know you a little better!

Stay tuned for the next Employee spotlight!

This week’s Employee Spotlight is Danial Afzal, a native to Pakistan and a great addition to the Blue inc family.  He studied Rhetoric and Media studies at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregan and moved to Chicago because of our opportunity in Marketing, and Danial says, “Blue was the first company that approached me for an interview which I couldn’t resist!”  Although Danial has learned a lot in his short time here, he says that one of the most important things he has learned patience with a lot of things, and he has really come far.  

Thanks Danial for letting us get an inside look into your life, and stay tuned for our next Employee Spotlight!

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