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This week’s Employee Spotlight is Justin Krueger.  A fairly new addition to Blue, Inc and a first time being mentioned on our blog, Justin has certainly made an impact on our company.  He says that he has learned that if you keep moving through the hard times in life instead of stopping or changing course, you will definitely reach your goals.  The leadership skills Justin values the most are an entrepreneurial mindset as well as strong will power.  He chose those because if you have both of those things, you have the staying power and determination to succeed.

Always the life of the party, he prides himself in his ablility to relate and befriend anyone.  He has organized some really fun Friends and Family nights, one being renting out a room at a karaoke bar for all of  us to sing our hearts out, and ended in our Manager Wrinardo dancing around the room while singing.  Justin is able to bring out the fun side in everyone, which is a great skill to have.

Thanks Justin for letting us get to know you, we are all excited for what is to come for you!

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