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This week’s Employee Spotlight is Dan Webster, or as we all lovingly call him “DWeb”.  DWeb is no stranger to the Employee spotlight blog here at Blue, Inc., having been recognized a couple of times before for his leadership skills and really taking the time to train and develop others.  However, we stil want to get to know him even better!  DWeb says he started working here at Blue because, “I was looking for a fun work environment, where I could gain a ton of experience in the business world.”  

The University of Iowa grad certainly has learned a lot and it has paid off.  He says the most important thing he has learned since his start here is that “if you want to be successful you have to be internally motivated to go out and get it, nobody is entitled to anything, everything in life is earned.” DWeb says he is most motivated by his girlfriend and his parents, wanting to someday start a family and help his family with no worries.

On an non-business related note, I asked DWeb to give me a funny or interesting fact about him and he definitely delivered.  He loves to listen to 90’s gangster rap and he also used to participate in competitive curling (for those who were wondering what competitive curling is, it is like shuffle board on ice).  I also asked DWeb what would be his super power if he could have one and he said, “the ability to fly, because I could travel the world without having to worry about airport security lines and would be able to escape any type of zombie apocolypse if one were to occur.”  

Thanks DWeb for your clever responses and great insight into what makes a great leader!

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